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Danii Roundtree is a multifaceted artist whose life is a testament to her unwavering dedication to her craft. With her distinctive perspective, she invites audiences into a world where her boundless talents shine. As a vibrant Soul/Pop, R&B, and Jazz artist, Danii's sound evokes the classic, timeless tunes of yesteryear while seamlessly integrating the freshness of today. Her journey into the world of music began at the age of 11, igniting a passion that would shape her future.

After graduating from Dillard Center for the Performing Arts, Danii pursued her education at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, where she majored in Vocal Performance. She then delved into the world of musical theater at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy, in collaboration with The New School in New York City.

During her time in school, Danii achieved the remarkable feat of being crowned "Miss New York USA" in 2008, triumphing over 300 competitors. Her win marked a historic moment, as she became the first black woman in over a decade to claim the title. This success propelled her to represent New York in the nationally televised Miss USA pageant. Furthermore, Danii was selected as one of 20 individuals across the United States to showcase her talents in Broadway's esteemed summer concert series, "Broadway’s Rising Stars."

In 2009, Danii's career took a pivotal turn when she participated in the widely popular television competition, American Idol. Although her journey on the show was cut short due to illness, she made a lasting impression by reaching the top 100 contestants. This experience served as a catalyst, fueling her determination to pursue a professional career in recording and performing on an even grander scale. Following her experiences, Danii Roundtree made the pivotal decision to channel her efforts into the creation of her own original music. 

Life imitates art in Danii's debut album, "Memoirs," a captivating collection of musical tales inspired by a storybook romance that concludes before it truly begins. Reflecting on "Memoirs," Danii shares, "This album is a reflection of true life events. We all have that one love story that ends before it starts, and as a singer-songwriter, I document these experiences through song. The album is literally a compilation of my own memoirs. Each track is deeply personal, and the sound embodies a nostalgic, jazz-infused essence with funk and soul elements." One of the standout singles from "Memoirs," "Crave," garnered widespread acclaim from numerous influential trade publications.


Danii Roundtree's remarkable talents have propelled her into the spotlight, resulting in coveted performance opportunities at prestigious festivals, including The Atlanta Jazz Festival, the Atlanta Pride Festival, and the Suwannee Jazz Festival. Demonstrating her versatility and ambition, Danii has set her sights on a long-term goal of having her music become the musical backdrop for mainstream television shows and movies. Her dedication to this objective has already yielded tangible results, with her music being featured in numerous national TV commercials, TV shows, movies, and web campaigns for esteemed companies such as Wayfair, HomeChef, Netflix, Disney, and Bose, among others. Additionally, Danii's music has reached audiences across the country, being played in various retail spaces, including Delta, Macy’s, and Footlocker.

Danii's impressive career trajectory has also seen her share the stage with renowned artists such as Alex Bugnon, Zakiya Hooker, Chrisette Michele, and Goodie Mob, solidifying her reputation as a captivating live performer. Responding to the demand from her growing fan base, Danii released her first Christmas project, "Retro Christmas," which garnered enthusiastic reviews, achieved a successful European radio run, and amassed over 25,000 streams in its debut week.

Looking ahead, Danii Roundtree is now channeling her energies into the forthcoming release of her next studio album, which features an impressive lineup of over 70 musicians from around the world, including Grammy and award-winning artists. This ambitious project reflects her unwavering commitment to pushing creative boundaries and leaving an indelible mark on the global music scene.


Danii Roundtree's fervent hope is that her storytelling will deeply resonate with audiences, solidifying her status as an emerging force within the music industry. Through her compelling narratives and distinctive musical style, she aspires to create a profound connection with listeners, leaving an enduring impact on the hearts and minds of all who experience her artistry. With her unwavering dedication and a commitment to pushing creative boundaries, Danii Roundtree is poised to carve out a lasting legacy as a captivating storyteller and an influential figure within the vibrant tapestry of the music world.

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